What is First Comes Love?

It is a wedding and lifestyle showcase that celebrates all of life’s moments. We chose to do this show because there are so many amazing things that happen around the wedding and we also wanted to celebrate every awesome moment that happens leading up to and AFTER the wedding! No matter what order you do life in; engagement, wedding, baby- baby, engagement, wedding- engagement, baby, wedding- it doesn’t matter- this show is for everyone!

What makes it different? SO MANY THINGS!

The venue- Kingswood Lodge is one of our favourite venues to work in. The entire feel of the building from the outside in, is unique and full of character. Which is exactly what we want our show to be! The Layout- The open concept of the showcase is probably my favourite part about the whole thing. The concept allows for a friendly atmosphere where everyone networks and gets to know everyone. It’s an easy going, fun day that allows our guests to learn about all of the amazing local talent, but also relax and let loose a bit! Life can be stressful- planning your wedding or celebrating a milestone like a house or baby shouldn’t be an overwhelming experience. The vendors- We only select 25 vendors to partake in this show. We have vendors that are there specifically in the realm of wedding/home/lifestyle as opposed to vendors who are there strictly to fill a spot or sell you something. Though our vendors do offer some amazing products for sale, they are not from a chain company, they are working moms, local entrepreneurs and amazing talent all based out of Fredericton. You probably know them!

The Beauty Bar- OH THE BEAUTY BAR!

This is such an amazing part of the show- I’m so jealous of everyone who has a ticket! We bring in the best beauty experts in the area and put them all into one room and make everything SPARKLE! Who doesn’t love being pampered?! That’s exactly what VIP ticket holders get! A full day of relaxation, makeovers and a few hours just to be with the girls and unwind!

And finally….. THE CHAMPAGNE!!!!!

Click below to purchase your tickets for this fun day or to reserve a VIP package email us at [email protected]